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I got this while uploading something to /cm/.

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LOL, tumblr. I'm tracking the Transformers tag, and right at the top of my dashboard just now, there are pictures this girl posted of herself posing in a Transformers hoodie with a bag of weed dangling from her mouth. The other tag on the post is "ganja."
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Anybody doing their Christmas shopping yet?

pictures under the cut )
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From the summary of a fic on ff.net: Prowl's only friends on the Ark are on a week long mission, Ratchet kicks him out of his office for over working, but while he's out, he meats a girl.
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Silly cop, you don't need to buy that shit, just confiscate it off someone.
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This story is rated M for the blood and gore that happens in the story. Anne teams up with Lord Megatron to get revenge of her ex boyfriend who cheated on her and end up dumping her for a high school girl. The squeemish do not read. You've been warned.

--summary of a fic on FF.net, penned by one Mrs. Optimus Prime, who writes in her profile that she is "not to be confused with The Real Mrs. Optimus Prime or now known as Mrs. Bonita Prime. I've been on this site much longer than she has and have the writing experience to prove it."
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dead things

Feb. 7th, 2011 05:44 pm
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I just found a... partial animal jaw bone like right in the middle of my bridge? No idea where it came from (unless it fell out of a tree) or what kind of animal.

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Worked a closing shift at Starbucks tonight. About an hour before we closed, I'm standing at the register and I see this guy stand up and make for the bathroom at a fast, awkward shuffle. He sees me watching as he passes in front of the register, grins, and says, "That coffee works FAST."

LOL, did not need to know that, buddy.


ETA: just found a fic on FFN, called "Racism," featuring the line, spoken to Jazz and Blaster, "It wasn't bad enough we have blacks running this place into the ground, now we have giant alien robot niggers. What's this world come to?"

There is not enough WTF in the world.
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From a fic at the Pit: Starscream is a physically and mentally abused mech. Let's just leave it at that.

Yes, let's.
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From a Sari/Blitzwing fic at the Pit:

He could no longer keep up the flying. He was egested and his body couldn't take any more.

He was... what?

He began to fall like a rock.

Or a 60 ton block of poopoo. You know, whichever.

Did I mention this is from a Sari/Blitzwing fic?
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and a little something for the Watchmen fans

totally worth the money )
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From a fic summary on FFN: "Bumblebee has Nightmares, so Prowl is going to help him with hypnosis and madition."

You know what, though? It's worth reading for the fight scene.
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Found on /cm/ of all the fucking places: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ti4sqG85FU4

The comments are awesome. "You are not a snake. You are an aspergers."


Sep. 5th, 2010 08:21 am
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I'm LOLing at these things. I got a Captcha once that said "pimento man" but IDK if I could come up with a comic for it.


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I just totally blanked out for a second on what you call a post office. I was like, "um... uh... mail station?" LOL, my brain is broken.

True story - one time I convinced myself that "table" could not possibly be a real word. Yeah, I'm special that way. Just felt like sharing.

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