Oct. 1st, 2012

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So, this baby squirrel that my cat brought me yesterday. I took him over to the wildlife rehab place first thing this morning, and the woman there took one look at him, said "oh, he's like 8 weeks old, he's almost ready to be on his own, just put him in a tree and the mother will come back for it!" (after I told her that, no, actually, I put him in a tree for like five hours yesterday, and the mother did not come back for him, and also he fell out of the tree, and also, a cat had him in its mouth). Gave the squirrel back to me, would not take it.

I was a little suspicious but I was like "OK" because what the fuck do I know. Sure enough, I call up a different wildlife rehab place (one I absolutely cannot get to, it turns out), and they're like, "yeah, no, that mother's not coming back and he needs antibiotics just in case because cat mouth." So tomorrow, I guess first thing after class, assuming the squirrel does not die in the meantime, I get to do another hour long bus ride to the rehab place that wouldn't take this squirrel today and tell them TOUGH SHIT, HE'S YOURS.

And I am going to hate myself so much if the squirrel actually does die. I know they say you shouldn't give food or water to baby animals but how long can an eight week old squirrel go without hydration?

That's all, back to hiatus.

Update: The squirrel died this morning while I was in class. I actually came home early intending to skip my second class and take him back to the rehab place, but he was already gone when I got back. Managed to get him to drink a little bit yesterday evening but I really don't think it was enough, and I also suspect that he might have aspirated some blood after falling out of the tree and maybe developed pneumonia? He was making this clicking noise as early as yesterday morning, when I took him to the rehab center, but I thought at the time that it was just a normal squirrel noise and the woman there didn't say anything about it. Then it got worse last night, and much worse by this morning. I'm just... I'm a little bit angry about the way that woman at the intake center handled him, the complete lack of assessment for anything other than age and the fact that he seemed a healthy weight. She was done with him in like, less than a minute. I'm sure there are things I could have done better too but I don't think it was really my fault, per se. Just pisses me off to think that if they'd taken him yesterday, he probably would have been fine.


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