May. 20th, 2012

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I was going to do a general kind of update post but it might be difficult right now because my mother, who has come to town to visit me for my birthday, likes watching TV with the volume cranked as high as it can possibly go (she is not hard of hearing, this is a habit she picked up from trying to keep herself from falling asleep while watching TV), is watching 60 Minutes with the volume on my TV cranked up as far as it can go (also I despise mainstream "news"). I'm hiding from the noise in my yard and yet the walls of my house are vibrating in such a way that I can still understand most of what is coming from the TV.

My birthday yesterday was not bad. I've certainly had worse. I've yet to get my real birthday present from my parents, but my mother brought me a mirrored disco ball she's been promising me for a while, reportedly scavenged from a neighbor's trash while she was walking her dog, and it's kind of awesome. Also, I got chicken fried steak and lots of alcohol, which are always awesome. On the less awesome side, there was a carrot cake (*vomit*), the ingredients for which I had to buy myself (*lolwut*).

But a couple of my fandom friends from off LJ drew me things, and I love them for it, and everyone who commented on my post yesterday to wish me a happy birthday ♥ ♥ ♥

Which reminds me *awkward segue into very belated botcon report*

I didn't take any pictures and I didn't buy anything so I don't have much to report, but I did want to give some shout-outs to the fun, amazing people I got to meet, and in some cases hang out with a little last month: [ profile] spacehussy, [ profile] swordage, [ profile] primusatemyleg, [ profile] justnuts, [ profile] peacewish (who was also nice enough to let me hitch a ride back to Austin with her), [ profile] amidoh (who isn't even on my f-list but whatever), [ profile] pellimusprime (same), [ profile] fierceawakening, ProtectobotsFTW, [ profile] ebonredseeker, and others. I know I'm missing names but I'm kind of crap with names so it'll just have to do. But everyone was super nice and it was great to get to meet fandom people face to face. It was my first convention, and I really enjoyed it, which is amazing since I didn't *really* know anyone beforehand, aside from chatting sporadically with a few of you. People who can make someone as peripheral as I am, essentially a stranger, who barely can even be said to contribute to the fandom feel kind-of-sort-of like part of a group really are amazing people, and I'm glad to have gotten to meet you. I hope I'll get to run into people again (and other people who weren't able to make it this year) at other Botcons or other conventions, maybe. <3


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